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Officer Forms

Local Court eForms

To create an account or log in to your existing account, visit our login page. If you have any questions about creating an account, please call the Home Office at 800-552-0145 and ask to speak with someone on the Member Services Team. If you have any questions about the Fraternal Portal, contact the Fraternal Team at 630-983-4937.


Membership Listing Release Agreement (FA-121)
  • Request member address labels and listings.

 Local Court Partnership Funding brochure, form, and W-9 form (FA-225, FA-225-A, W-9)

Local Court Expense Report (FA-260)

Local Court Reimbursement Program (FA-LCRP)

Matching Funds Program brochure (PR-158)

Matching Funds Application Packet (FA-175) 

  • ALL forms must be submitted for application to be reviewed.
  • Matching Funds fundraiser approval request (FA-175)
  • Matching Funds Acknowledgement, used to acquire individual or family's permission to hold fundraiser on their behalf. (FA-175A)
  • W-9 Request for Tax ID Number (Form W-9).

Matching Funds Event Ideas

Local Court and Youth Director Quarterly Report with Youth Activities Report (YD-3, YD-10)
  • Activity and youth allowance report with youth and adult member sign-in sheet.
  • Due by 20th of month following each quarter.

High Court Youth Activities Program (HC-YAP)

Youth Coordinator Description (YCD)

Court Consumer Material Review Request and Approval Policy Packet (FA-CCM, FA-120)

Court Anniversary Attendance Report (FA-075) 
  • Member sign-in sheet.

Court Transfer Request



Court Form Compliance By Jurisdiction


Use the templates below to mail or email details about your event to people you'd like to invite!

Court Event Template
  • Half page, black and white

Court Event Template
  • Full page, black and white

Merit Award Recommendation (FA-10)

Legion of Honor, Third Degree Recommendation (FA-103)
Educational Award Application
  • Educational award worth $600 for members age seventeen and older attending a college or university, or trade or technical school.

Tuition Assistance Program
  • Tuition Assistance Program (TAP): $500 award for children attending a Catholic school.

Religious Education Assistance Program
  • Religious Education Assistance Program (REAP): $50 award for children attending a religious education program.

Court Event Calendar (FA-025) 
  • Detail your court's monthly activities.


Tournament Form Packet
Includes the necessary forms for your tournament:
  • Tournament Program Guidelines (PR-210A)
  • Tournament Approval form (PR-210B)
  • Tournament Participant Signature form (PR-210C)
  • Tournament Allowance form (PR-210D)


Year-End Court Report Packet (FA-83-A-B)
  • Officer Listing (FA-83-A)
  • Bond Application (FA-83-B)
  • Due December 31.

Auditing Statement and Report Packet (FA-84-A-B)
  • Committee, officer and bank certifications. (FA-84-A)
  • Receipts, expenditures and court asset report (FA-84-B)
  • Due March 1.

Certification Form (Form 990-N) 
  • Federal tax form

Local Court Activities and Documentation Report (FA-084) 
  • Report community service and fraternal activities.
  • Due March 1.

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