Feeding God’s Children Grant

Apply for the Feeding God’s Children Grant worth up to $250 for your event!

This grant is intended for members who do not live near their local court, do not have access to court funds, or do not belong to a local court. This grant is not for court officers or agents. If you are a court officer, please refer your request to your local court. If you are an agent, please contact the Marketing team so they can help coordinate your event. Court-sponsored events are not eligible to receive grant money. You may partner with the beneficiary of your project (for example, a food bank), but you may not hold your event in conjunction with another fraternal or sponsoring organization. You cannot use this grant to purchase items that will be directly donated (for example, purchasing more canned goods for your food drive to donate to the food pantry).

Please apply at least four weeks in advance of your event to allow time for application review and processing.

How does the Feeding God’s Children Grant application process work?

  1. Register your Feeding God’s Children event online at least two weeks in advance of your event. 
  2. Apply for the Feeding God’s Children Grant online at least two weeks in advance of your event.
  3. The Fraternal Outreach Team will review your event submission and grant application. A member of the team will contact you regarding your application.
  4. Host your event regardless of grant approval.

Your Feeding God’s Children event must be registered online to be considered eligible for the grant. By accepting the approved grant, you acknowledge you will also:

  1. Complete the Feeding God’s Children post-event form.
  2. Send the Outreach Team at least one photo from your event.
  3. Submit receipts from the items you purchased using the grant.


Call the Home Office at 800-552-0145 or email the Fraternal Outreach Team.