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Complete and Submit Form 115 Online

If you are a local court Chief Ranger or a local court Recording Secretary, and you have elected members to serve as delegates and alternate delegates to the Jurisdiction Convention, Form 115 can be completed and submitted online.

Anyone completing and endorsing the online form needs to have an email address.

Individuals listed and serving as a delegate or alternate delegate will be contacted from the Home Office about the next steps.

After clicking the hyperlink, you will be asked to acknowledge you are leaving the website and click the “Proceed” button. At the OneSpan website, enter your first and last name, your email address, and for title, use your local court title (Recording Secretary or Chief Ranger) and for company, type Catholic Order of Foresters.

To view the form, click here to view a PDF version of the form. This version is not the online submittable version. You can still print it, but it must be mailed to the Home Office via postal mail.


Review the three online form choices below. Select the hyperlink that matches the leadership structure of your local court.

If your local court has both a Chief Ranger and Recording Secretary, the Recording Secretary signer needs to click the correct hyperlink to enter information and complete the form before the Chief Ranger can review and endorse it.

If your local court only has a Chief Ranger or only a Recording Secretary, select one of the other two options.

The individual submitting the form can only name as many local member delegate and alternate delegate names as allowed from their court as specified in the Delegates to Jurisdiction Conventions Report. If your court is not listed, no delegates may be elected to attend the Jurisdiction Convention as delegate or alternate delegates.

Any Local Court members may attend as observers. If your Jurisdiction Convention is being held via electronic meeting (Zoom), please click the button below to request more details about attending as an observer.

If you have any questions, click the button below.


My local court has BOTH a Chief Ranger AND Recording Secretary signers »

My local court ONLY has a Chief Ranger signer and NO Recording Secretary signer »

My local court ONLY has a Recording Secretary signer and NO Chief Ranger signer »