Introducing your Fraternal Outreach Team

Kimberly Johnson

Kimberly T. Johnson, Member Outreach Coordinator, has expertise in making meaningful connections through social media. What excites Kimberly the most is being with an organization that is making a difference in local communities across the country. Kimberly enjoys implementing new ideas for our Fraternal Outreach programs and motivating our members to serve their communities. She is excited to take on another year of Feeding God’s Children events, Spirituality Tap-ins, and facilitating another successful, spiritual Alternative Break.
Alma mater: Illinois State University
Enjoys volunteering at: Local animal shelters
Call or text: 331-229-5655 | Email Kimberly

Fraternal Outreach Workshop

Do you want to host an outreach event in your community? Do you have an idea for an event, but you aren’t sure how to bring it to life? The Fraternal Outreach Team will host a workshop in your area to generate ideas for a Feeding God’s Children event, choose one of those ideas, set an event date and identify the best ways to promote the event! Ideally, these take place in the evening on a weekday. Attendees are people, of any age, who are active in the community and want to make a difference! A small group of approximately three to seven people works well.