November 9, 2023

Agents in Action: Brian Marketon

General Agent Brian Marketon leads Catholic Order of Foresters’ (COF) Minnesota Agency. He has been with COF since 2007.

How did you get started with Catholic Order of Foresters?

I was looking for a career where I could serve others while working for myself and have flexibility with my schedule. A local agent was a friend of my family and told me about the opportunity. It gets better every year!

Why should young Catholics choose COF for their life insurance?

Would you rather work with a Catholic company that reflects your Catholic values, work with a company with the best products, or work with a company with a bright future? With COF you don’t have to make that choice because COF is all three. Give COF a chance, and I’m confident you’ll be impressed.

As a General Agent, what sort of day-to-day responsibilities do you have?

Recruiting, training and supporting a team of agents while taking care of local members. Every day is different, which is great. We really try to keep focused on the positive impact we can have on the members we serve. We’re called to evangelize, and telling the story of COF is part of that for me.

General Agent Brian Marketon of Minnesota presents a check with half of the funds associated with his Richard Tobin Award to the Rev. Matthew Wiering, pastor of Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Winsted.

Article by Connor McEleney