Why choose Term Life insurance?

Term life insurance is ideal for those seeking simple death benefit protection to cover specific debts, such as a mortgage, college tuition, or loans. Give your loved ones comfort and peace of mind with a policy that provides a death benefit for a specific time period, without the added expenses of permanent life insurance. A term policy benefit pays only if the insured dies during the specified term, and the policy is in force at time of death.

Flexible Premium Life

This term life solution, with the flexibility to deliver on specific member goals, is designed for maximum performance in situations where low cost death benefit protection is the primary objective. The many features allow you to customize a life insurance policy to best fit your unique life insurance needs.1,2

1This is a flexible premium, adjustable life insurance policy which has been designed to support a wide range of premium strategies including term strategies and cash value strategies.
2Premium estimate in audio recording uses a $500,000 Flexible Premium Life policy based on a Preferred Non-Tobacco underwriting class with a monthly preauthorized automatic check plan for a 40-year-old male ($13.73) and 40-year-old female ($13.10). Underwriting class is based on the health condition and risk factors of the insured and will vary. Premiums are level for the policy’s initial term and increase annually thereafter.

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Term Life FAQ

Not available in all states. Contact your agent or the Home Office for costs and complete coverage details. Policies subject to terms and conditions. The description of benefits is brief and does not constitute, in itself, a policy. For complete description, terms and conditions, please see the product documentation.

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