November 7, 2023

Uniting Fun and Philanthropy

Agent Anthony Owens hosts a trivia night fundraiser for St. Bonaventure Catholic School in Columbus, Nebraska

Catholic Order of Foresters (COF) Agent Anthony Owens, together with his brother, Agent Tyson Owens, actively engage in their home parish, St. Bonaventure Catholic Church in Columbus, Nebraska. Anthony’s unwavering involvement stems from his children’s attendance at St. Bonaventure School and his wife, Dawn’s, employment there. Among the cherished events hosted by St. Bonaventure over the years, the trivia night holds a prominent place

Anthony’s introduction to the fundraiser event occurred three years ago, sparking an immediate desire to contribute. Upon attending the event for the first time, he observed that it had garnered several other sponsors. Recognizing a golden opportunity, Anthony decided to become a full sponsor for the occasion. “COF members who were also parishioners learned of [COF’s] sponsorship and embraced it as an ideal means to support the parish’s school while highlighting the benefits of being a COF member,” said Anthony.

Agent Anthony Owens’ Guy Fieri-themed occasion was a dual Matching Funds/Feeding God’s Children event.

The attendees of this trivia night fundraiser comprised of devout parishioners, parents of students, individuals associated with the preschool, and enthusiasts of enjoyable trivia challenges. The gathering took place within the confines of the parish center, with tables allocated to the attendees due to limited capacity. The proceeds generated from table sales were devoted to the fundraiser, accentuating their dedication to giving back to the community.

During the spirited event, team members coalesced around each table, fostering a sense of camaraderie. Each year, a fresh theme infused novelty into the trivia night experience. Eager to elevate their participation, Anthony and his team adopted the personas of star restaurateur Guy Fieri. The questions encompassed diverse categories, including food, geography, and the twelve apostles, with occasional nods to Nebraska Cornhuskers football for added measure. Participants embraced the proceedings with enthusiasm, knowing that the funds raised would be channeled back into the school, benefiting the youth within the parish.

Agent Anthony Owens presents a Matching Funds check to Kim Kluever, director of St. Bonaventure Preschool.

St. Bonaventure’s continued functioning relies upon both tuition fees and generous donations to the school. This event focuses on raising funds specifically for the preschool, underscoring its significance in the overall support framework. Anthony plans to assume an ardent role in organizing this event in the years to come, recognizing the potential to enlighten attendees about the profound contributions of their Catholic life insurance agency in serving the Catholic community.

Article by Kim Johnson