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Is your life insurance company pro-life?
With Catholic Order of Foresters, it will be!

COF is a fraternal benefit society founded in 1883. Based in Naperville, Ill., its mission is to provide its members with financial security and opportunities for spiritual and social growth. Guided by the triumvirate of “Faith, Hope, and Charity,” COF offers a range of life insurance and annuity products.

Catholic Order of Foresters makes it easy for individuals to make a tax-free donation to Relevant Radio upon their death using a unique rider call the Fraternal Legacy Rider1. This rider is available on most policies underwritten by COF — a highly reputable not-for-profit insurance organization that has been supportive of the Relevant Radio mission throughout the years.

Leave a legacy for your family and Relevant Radio!

The Catholic Order of Foresters' Fraternal Legacy Rider enables owners of certain qualifying life insurance policies to leave a gift in the amount of an additional 5% of the policy's death benefit to an approved charitable organization like Relevant Radio at no additional cost to them or their family.

earmarked to Catholic charities nationally2 through
the Fraternal Legacy Rider.


Consider Flexible Premium Life insurance, which can guard your family from the financial stress of an unexpected loss. Designed for maximum performance in situations where a low-cost death benefit is the primary objective, Flexible Premium Life allows you to customize a term life insurance solution to fit your family needs.

You and your spouse can each get $1,000,000 of Flexible Premium Life3 insurance for less than $52 a month.4

Experience the peace of mind life insurance offers for your family's financial security. Get the flexible options you need now and leave a legacy. Learn more.



1Click here to learn more about the Fraternal Legacy Rider and for product disclosures.
2 Amounts earmarked as of April 2023.
3Click here for Flexible Premium Life product disclosures.
4Quoted amount is a combined monthly premium for a 45-year-old male ($26.19) and 45-year-old female ($24.94). Preferred Non-Tobacco class, payment by Preauthorized Automatic Check plan. Premiums are level for the policy’s term and increase annually thereafter.

23-14-03-A (05/23)

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