Corporate Governance

High Court

Every four years, Catholic Order of Foresters (COF) holds a national convention. This event, which most recently took place on August 15, 2020, is attended by elected delegates who are empowered with full legislative, judicial, and governing powers. They are responsible for electing the High Court Officers and Trustees (Board of Directors) to serve four-year terms, and reviewing and revising the Constitution and Bylaws, policies, benefits, and other related items. The members currently serving are listed below. The next National Convention will occur in August 2024 in Itasca, Illinois.

Executive Officers

High Chief Ranger/Chairperson of the Board
Rodney Oligmueller, CPCU, AIC, ALMI, FLMI

Vice High Chief Ranger 
Ronald J. Freund, Illinois

High Secretary
Betty K. Fiegen, South Dakota 

Spiritual Director
Bishop Ronald A. Hicks
Diocese of Joliet, Illinois

High Court Trustees/Board of Directors

Eugene G. Even, Iowa
Susan M. Pereira, Michigan
Julie M. Bries, Iowa
Mark L. Connaughton, Kentucky

Beth A. McFarlane, Wisconsin
John D. Krebs, Ohio
Daniel J. Buksa, Indiana
Erin M. Donnay, Minnesota

Michael J. Schuster, Ohio
Kelly F. Pinchart, Wisconsin
Sharon R. Mack, South Dakota
William P. Martin II, Kentucky

Constitution and Bylaws

COF provides an established system of insurance and other benefit payments to members and their dependents. Although largely self-governing, COF’s state and local courts are subject to the Order’s Constitution and Bylaws.

Articles of Incorporation

Articles of Incorporation of Catholic Order of Foresters