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Magazine: Angels Among Us

In Ashland, Wisconsin, angels decorated the windows of a local school and homes with the help of Our Lady of the Lake 2506. The Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches us that angels are real.

Some ideas are produced at random moments. You might think of an idea during a Sunday drive or just before falling asleep at night. You might find idea inspiration through conversations, music, reading, or deep reflection. Months ago, Patricia Eaton, Treasurer of Our Lady of the Lake 2506 in Ashland, Wisconsin, went on walks around her neighborhood and began noticing heart stickers and stuffed teddy bears displayed in numerous household windows. She then had a thought.

“I was thinking about our Feeding God’s Children (FGC) event and how the students might not be able to participate in FGC this spring,” said Patricia. “With thoughts of wishing to see more of a spiritual display on windows, an idea came to me: I thought angels would be a spiritual display and a fun and easy FGC event in which the teachers at Our Lady of the Lake Catholic School could communicate with their students during virtual class time.”

Patricia introduced the idea to the school’s principal, Betty Swiston, and the Angels Among Us FGC event idea was well received. Patricia emailed the angel image she had chosen to members of Our Lady of the Lake 2506, and the response was positive. “Our members loved the idea and were great about reaching out to me when their windows had the angels displayed,” said Patricia. “The angel attachment was easy to print and cut out.” Soon, homes around the area featured angel cutouts on windows, just like Patricia imagined.

One day, Patricia drove past Our Lady of the Lake School and noticed angel cutouts pasted on all the school office windows. Patricia’s niece Elenore is a student at the school, and Patricia photographed her outside the school with a 2020 FGC shirt and poster.

Most everyone would agree this year has been anything but easy. But, Patricia concludes, we aren’t alone. “We have angels among us to keep us safe,” Patricia said.

Article by Kaitlynrose Bicek

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