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Bringing Catholic Values to Life
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Answer the Call

What would Jesus do? He told us in Matthew 25! Tell us how you're answering the call by registering your event today. We'll even send you complimentary T-shirts. 


Feeding God's Children

Make a difference in your community today, and join more than 70,000 other people in answering the call to service.

“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I needed clothes and you clothed me..." 

Through Feeding God's Children (FGC), we answer the call in Matthew 25. Members and non-members are welcome to participate in these events. While partnering with your local court is encouraged, it's not required! Gather your classmates, neighbors or cousins and organize an event today. Events don't have to involve food. People can be fed spiritually, mentally and emotionally as well as physically. How will you feed God's children?

Interested in organizing an event? Follow these three simple steps:
1. Register your event.
2. Order T-shirts if you'd like them for the event.
3. Submit the wrap-up form once your event concludes. 
Check out these resources or contact us if you have questions! 




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