May 10, 2021

A Reason to Celebrate: Feeding God’s Children at 100,000

Since 2009, Catholic Order of Foresters’ members nationwide have been partnering with each other, schools, churches, non-members and others to answer the call in their communities through Feeding God’s Children. In April 2021, this initiative reached a major milestone: 100,000 participants all-time! This number is significant for many reasons, one of which being what it means. It’s not just that 100,000 people have participated in a Feeding God’s Children event since 2009; it also signifies the dozens of organizations and thousands more people who benefitted from the causes Feeding God’s Children events sought to address. Meal packs feeding starving children worldwide, pregnancy outreach groups supporting new mothers and babies nationwide, families near and far knowing where their next meal is coming from thanks to a fully stocked local food shelf or pantry, creative students seeking to earn service hours but sticking around because of the fun…the list is endless. The events over the years — as you will see in the photos on our Facebook page — have been extremely colorful and filled with joy. Demonstrated here, too, are the triumphs as event organizers and volunteers overcame challenges to support their communities. Thank you, members, for your dedication to answering the call and serving your communities!