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Walk-a-Thon for Wildlife

One Conversation Sparked Change and Inspired St. Michael School Principal to Make a Difference

In February 2019, the Fraternal Outreach Team met with Colleen Kennedy, a member of the Indiana State Court and principal of St. Michael School in Schererville, Indiana, for the very first time. Though no stranger to Catholic Order of Foresters (COF), Colleen wasn’t yet aware of the myriad of event possibilities through Feeding God’s Children, COF’s year-round outreach effort. After a brief conversation, she had two events planned with a third in mind. One of those events was the school’s annual 5k race.

Fast forward to September 2019, when incoming rain and high winds weren’t enough to dampen the spirits outside the school; students and teachers alike geared up to participate in a school spirit walk-a-thon for a good cause. In addition to organizing the event, Colleen provided energizing music as the event’s DJ. Classes of students came in shifts to the parking lot, as younger grades partnered with older students and walked together. The energy was palpable as students walked around a designated circle to get their number of laps checked off by older students. As students finished their shifts, they were ushered back inside for the next group to come out.

Planned with help from the student council, the school-wide event was a modification of the 5k the school usually does—though there are plans for the 5k to return next year. Agent Mike Small, who attended the event with his wife, said, “This event is extra special because my son is the student council president and is directly involved with the planning and execution of it. The most important part about it, though, is giving the kids an opportunity to give back to a charity, and get a little physical activity as well, but with the understanding that it will help others.” Students had the opportunity to vote on a cause, and they chose wildlife conservation and research to receive the proceeds from the race.

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Article by Alison Mink and Katlyn Gerken.

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