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Southern Ohio Resident Elected to High Court

Michael J. Schuster will serve as High Court Trustee.

Michael J. Schuster of Ohio was elected to the position of High Court Trustee on Catholic Order of Foresters’ High Court, also known as the organization’s board. Schuster is a member of Gonzaga 1572 in Cincinnati, Ohio, one of Catholic Order of Foresters’ local courts (groups of members). He has been a member of Catholic Order of Foresters (COF) for more than five decades and recalls riding along on sales calls with his dad and attending youth events. “COF has given to me my entire life, and I would relish the opportunity to give back,” Schuster said. He is a certified healthcare environmental manager and believes that his business experience is what best qualifies him for the position of High Court Trustee.

“My direct business experience, including ownership, extends over four start-up companies, three of which have been sold to Fortune 500 companies,” Schuster, who also has experience working with boards of directors, adds. “I fully understand that boards are ultimately owners of an organization’s success or failure.” He notes he is most looking forward to developing a platform that allows “us to live out our Catholic values in our communities while securing the financial future of our members”.

Schuster’s parents have a long history with COF; they dedicated the last 65 years of their lives to the organization. He attributes his desire to run for the High Court to his parents. “Feeling the need to follow in their footsteps,” he explains, “it was time for me to step up and bring my knowledge and expertise to the table.” Regarding his reaction when he learned he had been elected, Schuster shared, “I was truly humbled by the fact that the delegates believed in me enough to elect me and give me the opportunity to serve them.” His role as High Court Trustee will take effect on January 1, 2021.

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