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Right to Life - Respect Life Month

For three years in a row, St. Catherine of Siena 2514, Ft. Thomas, Ky. has celebrated Respect Life Month in a big way!

“Each October, brainstorming a meaningful event for Respect Life Month is priority,” Vice Chief Ranger of St. Catherine of Siena 2514 Betsy Stegner said.

Striving to create an event that will have a lasting impact on the children each year, St. Catherine of Siena 2514 works closely with the St. Catherine Elementary School to support Respect Life Month.

“This is such an important issue for kids to hear about,” Betsy emphasized. “They can never hear enough that life matters from conception to natural death and [that] every person is important!”

The activity varies annually. St. Catherine of Siena 2514 checks with the school first to make sure the activities can be conducted immediately following the end of the school day.

“One year we passed out the ‘little feet’ pins and asked the students to wear them for an entire month,” Betsy explained, excited. “In 2014 we made a 50-foot balloon rosary, prayed the rosary together and then hung it on the fence for the month.”

As Secretary for St. Catherine Elementary School and a dedicated COF member, Betsy, works with a group of 10-12 people who together, conduct most of the planning and ordering of supplies to make the event successful. Her favorite part is seeing the excitement on each of the children’s faces.

“The activities are meaningful and make an impression,” Betsy said. “You can sense how happy they are to be a part of a respect life activity.”

Betsy said her court is looking forward to making plans for October 2017’s Respect Life Month.

“By creating fun yet meaningful events, we can and will make a difference,” Betsy exclaimed. “Hopefully this is something the kids will remember as they grow older and are faced with the choices of adulthood.”

Story by Alyssa Strickland.

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