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Outreach Across Generations

Check out these Feeding God's Children event ideas for everyone in the family!

Looking for ways to get the whole family involved at your next Feeding God’s Children (FGC) event? Have court members of various ages? Read on to find FGC event ideas that span generations!

1. Tied with Love: No-Sew Blankets

Parents or grandparents can cut the ties along the edges of two large pieces of fleeces and the younger children can knot the matching ties together. Blankets can be a variety of sizes and patterns depending on the need of the organization or people you’re making them for. Donate blankets to a local homeless shelter, pregnancy center, or veterans care facility. Bonus tip: host this event in the summer for sales on fleece; shelters need blankets year-round!

2. Sweet Teeth: Bake Sale

Practice some family dessert recipes together! Sell the treats and donate the proceeds to a local organization. This carries on family traditions and benefits others, while avoiding the excess goodies going uneaten in your home.

3. Kind Words Don’t Cost a Thing: Encouragement Cards

It’s time to get creative and break out the construction paper, markers, stickers, and anything else you like to use for crafts. Everyone can make Father’s Day Cards for nursing home residents or 4th of July cards for active service members and veterans. Pick a theme, holiday or “just because” day and spread some encouragement. Enjoy some familial rivalry and see who can make the most cards or the best cards!

4. Many Hands Make Light Work: Park Clean-up

Grab some gloves and trash bags and clean up God’s creation – church grounds, neighbors’ yards or the local park. There are many places to spruce up. Be sure to properly dispose of all material afterwards and consider celebrating with a family picnic in the park!

5. Answering the Call in Matthew 25: Packing Meals

Anyone ages five to 105 can enjoy packing food staples that will be sent around the world. Contact local organizations such as Feed My Starving Children or Kids Against Hunger to set up a time and place for your family to join!

Register your Feeding God’s Children event with the Fraternal Outreach Team and send us pictures of your event. You might see your photo in the magazine!

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