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Nebraska Winter Clothing Drive

Sacred Heart 1737, Dodge, Neb. conducted a winter clothing drive lasting six weeks. On the first trip to donate the collected items, the group visited Omaha, Neb., with 136 pounds of clothing for Open Door Mission, a non-profit organization “breaking the cycle of homelessness and poverty.” (This organization was also featured in the fall 2017 issue of Catholic Forester.) The clothing was weighed at the mission, providing unexpected but welcome delight for Sacred Heart 1737 and Open Door Mission, pictured below on the left.

Chief Ranger Danny Kluthe and his wife, Josie, organized the event and hand-delivered the clothing to the organizations. “[Our] court was fairly excited about the total outcome to help the poor in this Christmas season,” Danny said.

The next round of “fruit” from the clothing drive was given to St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store in Omaha. Delivered on December 5, less than two weeks after the initial donation, three totes full of clothing made their way through the doors of the store. Danny said, “We had a very good turnout.”

So great of a turn out, in fact, that the group made a third donation, this time to St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store in Papillion, Neb. The two totes full of winter gear (pictured below on the right) will give children and adults a chance to be prepared for the Midwest winter.

The numerous winter items donated to Open Door Mission and St. Vincent de Paul stores provided more than warm heads, hands and feet. They warmed the hearts of both the donors and the recipients.

To host your very own winter clothing drive, contact the Fraternal Outreach Team or register your event on our website.

Nebraska Winter Clothing Drop Off

Nebraska Clothing Drop Off 2

Story by Katlyn Gerken.

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