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Dodge to the rescue!

Sacred Heart 1737, Dodge, Neb. hosted a brunch in November to raise money for a new rescue squad vehicle for the fire department. Over 150 members and non-members enjoyed the company of each other, delicious food, and a T-shirt giveaway. “It was a family affair!” exclaimed Lynn Harms, Treasurer of the local court.

COF is a huge part of the Dodge community. Lynn mentioned that everyone who is from the Dodge area knows about the good things COF does. “We are very community minded, interested in our youth and are a faith-filled organization. We didn’t have to choose the recipient, they chose us!”

“It was the best thing for us to do for the community we call home,” said Lynn. The Dodge Rescue Squad approached a few court officers from Sacred Heart 1737 asking if they wanted to join forces and host a Matching Funds to purchase a rescue squad vehicle. Lynn said that being a part of COF made the decision easy! The court officers met, and discussed and planned for a brunch.

On January 16, 2018, Danny Kluthe, Chief Ranger of Sacred Heart 1737, presented the donation to Lieutenant and Training Officer Diana Wisnieski and Captain Andy Ortmeier at the Dodge Fire and Rescue board meeting. Danny Kluthe said, “One [check] for $1,500 from the COF High Court and the second one for $2,028 raised by their court.” This was a grand total of $3,528.

A new rescue squad vehicle can cost around $185,000. And with the great participation of the community, grants, COF Matching Funds and other fundraisers, the town could purchase the new rescue squad this past April!

Lynn said they will be hosting a similar event in the future, but putting a new spin on it. “The most rewarding part of ANY event is the coming together of families and new friends who unite for one common goal.”

Raised: $2,028

COF Matched: $1,500

Grand Total Donated: $3,528

Fire and Rescue Check Presentation

Lieutenant and Training Officer Diana Wisnieski and Captain Andy Ortmeier receive the donation from Chief Ranger Danny Kluthe of Sacred Heart 1737, Dodge, Nebraska.

Article by Brittany Demendi.

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