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Feeding God's Children 2018

Every spring, the people of Crofton, Neb., rally to host a Spring Clean-up Day. This year, St. Rose of Lima Catholic School students were ecstatic to take on the responsibility of cleaning up the parish and school grounds.

Holly Wortmann, St. Rose of Lima 2509, Crofton, Neb., worked with Principal Jennifer Fiscus to coordinate 108 youth and 18 adults to transplant perennials, add mulch and plant eight rose bushes. “The energy of the clean-up efforts was super charged! The kids were so positive,” said Holly.

Jennifer said, “As a school, St. Rose School is always looking for ways to serve our community and church. We decided that our school and church grounds could use a little love.” St. Rose of Lima Catholic School makes a mindful effort to serve God, their parish and our world. The goal of this event was for the students to see the fruits of their labor.

On the day of the event, Holly gathered all the participants and asked, “Why do we call it Feeding God’s Children even though we are not working with food?” She went on to explain that people can be fed in many ways. This was a perfect way for the students to get into the right mindset before beginning their work.

Students then divided into “Faith Families”, allowing them to work with different age groups. “The teamwork of the children and adults was fantastic,” exclaimed Holly. Eighth graders were paired up with the preschoolers and the first graders were paired up with the adults.

Holly continued, “The students of the school stepped up to help make the campus look beautiful for our entire parish community.” The students planted flowers, spruced up the prayer garden, pulled weeds and cleaned up the rocks from the winter snow removal! This was the first time they held the service event in the spring, and they did this to show the students that service comes in all different forms.

An event like this was much needed in the Crofton community. Holly said, “We’ve had a crazy winter in Northeast Nebraska. Our parish grounds were full of debris, and our perennial gardens needed some major TLC!”

After a hard day’s work, the students received a Feeding God’s Children T-Shirt and reflected on the day by praying the rosary. Holly said, “We prayed the rosary together thanking God for our hands and feet that provide service every day. The students could see their physical work make a sudden and positive change for their parish community.”

Article by Brittany Demendi.

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