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Feeding God's Children: Meal Packing for Haiti

On a cold December Tuesday in Delano, Minn., St. Max Kolbe Catholic School hosted its first Feeding God’s Children meal packing event! Over the past few years, Agent Brian Marketon has attended multiple meal packing events hosted by Holy Trinity 1054, Winsted, Minn. These events inspired him to partner with a local Catholic school and host one himself.

Brian used some of his connections and reached out to Agent Robert (Bob) Hanten for assistance. Bob created a nonprofit called Sodality of St. John the Baptist, a disaster relief organization that hosts events to pack meals which are shipped to Haiti. (It was featured in the Spring 2017 issue of Catholic Forester.) Three highly nutritious recipes are ordered from Harvest Pack for the events.

St. Max Kolbe Catholic School fundraised enough to pack 7,218 meals! Students, first through sixth graders, eagerly met in the cafeteria wearing their matching orange Feeding God’s Children T-shirts. The students were assigned stations and roles for packing. The students were even given patterns on how to pack the meals into the boxes. Each pattern helped the students lay the meals out in an organized manner of 36 meal packs per box. They packed a total of 201 boxes!

The kindergarteners were paired up with older students to lend a small but welcome hand.

Principal Mary Ziebell and Business Administrator Russ Nolan assisted with organizing the students, fundraising and promotion. Mary said that this event was great to have because the students could feel like they were really helping people by physically packing the meals.

This meal packing event was such a success that it will now be an annual event for the students to look forward to. On the first Tuesday of every December, the students can expect to wear their matching FGC T-shirts and have fun while helping people in need!

Article by Brittany Demendi.

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