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Hot Tamale!

Members of a local court really spiced things up at a recent Matching Funds event.

Cristo Rey 2522 is a Toledo, Ohio, court comprised of members who work hard in their community, are proud of their Latino heritage, and keep their faith close to their hearts. Last December, they pulled together to sell tamales to raise money for a scholarship fund designed to connect students with the resources they need. A traditional Mesoamerican food, tamales are filled with meat and various other ingredients. Wrapped in dough and a corn husk, the tamale is then steamed during preparation. There are many things a court can do to raise money for a great cause, but it’s best when they put their own unique twist on it. Cristo Rey 2522 did just that with its tamale event.

As a Fraternal Outreach Coordinator, I've had the pleasure of arranging a variety of workshops and events with this local court, and each time I see the members is truly memorable. From the warm welcomes to the baked goods they bring to meetings, everything about these acts makes me feel like I’m part of one big family.

It is no surprise to see this group of people come together to host a Matching Funds event to raise money for scholarships. The interesting aspect of this event is that people came together, united by food and culture, to do something good. “Everyone we work with is truly amazing, and making tamales is time consuming, so this is labor of love,” said Mary Morales, Court Treasurer of Cristo Rey 2522.

This local court has members with roots in Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic, making it the only predominantly Latino court of Catholic Order of Foresters. An event like this not only benefited the Toledo community but also did a great job of representing culture. This beautiful blend of people united by doing great things in their community is part of what makes Catholic Order of Foresters special.

Article by Michael Cesario.

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