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Kentucky High Court Trustee Donates to Catholic Charities

In November 2017, High Chief Ranger Dave Huber announced that each of the High Court Trustees (board members) had the opportunity to donate $1,000 to a Catholic charity of his or her choosing. The criteria: the organization must be affiliated with the Catholic Church, and it must be a Catholic organization that provides food or assistance to those in need.

Mark Connaughton, of St. Joseph 2094, Cold Spring, Ky., chose Catholic Charities to receive his donation. “I really appreciate being able to give this donation to one of my favorite charities,” Mark, a volunteer at Catholic Charities, shared. “I met with Alan Pickett, the director at Catholic Charities, and he was very thankful for our gift.”

This is the second year in a row that Catholic Order of Foresters High Court Trustees have been awarded $1,000 to give to their favorite charities. Mark said, “This is a great year-end charitable giving program COF does.” That sentiment echoes across the board.

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