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Where There's a Will, There's a Way

Feeding God's Children event organized by St. Anthony 743

Erin Donnay, St. Anthony 743, Watkins, Minn., was looking at a full calendar with seemingly no availability for more Feeding God’s Children (FGC) events when she came across two Facebook posts that would have no relation had she not seen them back to back. One was a video on the Catholic Order of Foresters’ Facebook page encouraging members to put on more FGC events, and the other was a post from a friend asking for no-sew blankets to donate to the Ronald McDonald House in Rochester, Minn. Erin took this as a sign and prayed, knowing that if it was God’s will there would be a way.

Her answer came in the form of her children stepping up to the plate and making the blankets themselves. Erin gathered the materials, but once she (quite literally) put them into the children’s hands they did everything themselves. Erin described the process of cutting, trimming and tying that went into making the finished products, and how the kids worked well together. “I couldn’t believe how quickly they worked,” Erin explained. “The blankets were finished in two afternoons!” 

In total, 68 fleece blankets were donated to the Ronald McDonald House, of which Erin and her children made four. “My take away from this was that you do not have to be the sole coordinator of an event to have it be an FGC event,” Erin said. “Our court played a small part in the overall picture, but we were still able to contribute.” Editor and Fraternal Outreach Manager Katlyn Gerken added, “We encourage our members to partner with others in their communities – whether that is other events, other members, non-members or other organizations!”

Erin says she would love to do it again if the kids are willing to take the lead; maybe the next event would benefit a women and children’s shelter or a pregnancy resource center. Their favorite part of the event was putting the blankets together, knowing they would provide some warmth and comfort to the sick children while they are away from home and enduring such a stressful part of their life.

Small moves can make great impact, something that this event perfectly exemplifies. Erin commented, “If each person plays a small role, it is amazing what the ultimate outcome can be.” What started as a timely coincidence on social media became so much more; a few yards of fleece became a source of peace and comfort for children in need.

Article by Alison Mink.

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