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Challenge Accepted: Feeding the Hungry

Members of St. Catherine of Siena 2514 met a need in the community head on.

Whether it be the pandemic, civil unrest, or extreme weather, news headlines these days do not paint a rosy picture of what is going on in this country. Of course, there are many complex problems now, but there are also great people doing extraordinary things. This year has been hard for many, and those living on the margins feel the economic pinch the hardest and at a much higher intensity. For some, just being able to feed themselves and their families has turned into a daily struggle. St. Catherine of Siena 2514, Fort Thomas, Kentucky, recognized this need in their community and decided to do something about it. They decided to get their students involved to collect food for people in need. The students will collect items for the St. Bernard Food Pantry each month. They are committing to having an event every month until May to help ease the hunger burden that was put on the community due to the compromising economic climate. This pledge, to keep the St. Bernard Food Pantry full each month, is no small task and impacts the people who rely on it. For some, this might be one of the only sources of nourishment they receive. The importance of local food pantries is ever-growing, and they stand as proof of the very real hunger situation in the United States. Initiatives like this often go unnoticed but make an immense impact in communities. We do not necessarily see this kind of work in news headlines, but we know firsthand from members of St. Catherine of Siena 2514 that events like this could be breaking news, as they indeed save lives.

Article by Michael Cesario

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