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Magazine: He's Not Clowning Around

Deacon Brian Cox, Chief Ranger of St. Catherine of Siena 2514 in Kentucky, danced for donations!

What do you get when you take a dancing deacon, a sock drive, a trained clown, and put them all together? You get Deacon Brain Cox, a Catholic Order of Foresters (COF) member, charity enthusiast, and Chief Ranger of St. Catherine of Siena 2514 in Fort Thomas, Kentucky. Deacon Brian, or as most people call him, “Deacon B,” played a special role in St. Catherine of Siena 2514’s Feeding God’s Children sock drive in which students and community members came together to raise awareness for a crucial item for struggling people everywhere: new and warm socks.

One of the most sought-after items for a someone who is homeless are socks and proper foot protection. There is a whole host of discomfort and serious health risks when people are exposed to the elements without proper footwear. St. Catherine of Siena 2514 was able to organize countless pairs of socks that were sent to Rose Garden Home Mission, a pregnancy care center that has been written about in past editions of Catholic Forester. Their goal was to provide each family a package of socks that needed them, and they indeed met that goal.

The goal was not out of the ordinary as far as Feeding God’s Children events are concerned, however, the method was a bit unique. Using his skills as a dancer, Deacon Brian went classroom to classroom singing, “Deacon Cox says bring in socks.” This excited the students and added to the success and enthusiasm of the event. Deacon Brian went the extra mile by showing up and generating enthusiasm for charitable donations. We hope to see more events like this throughout the new year!

Article by Michael Cesario

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