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Magazine: Matching Funds Follow-up

A local court in Michigan is working to ease the grief associated with miscarriages by partnering with Jacob's Ladder.

St. Patrick 2273 in Portland, Mich., organized a Matching Funds event to raise money for Jacob’s Ladder Foundation (JLF), a registered non-profit that aids residents of Portland and surrounding areas experiencing miscarriages, stillborn births, or infant loss. A member of St. Patrick 2273 and his wife founded the charity after experiencing a miscarriage. Because of that most challenging experience, they sought to help other families enduring similar despair.

JLF’s sought to build a crypt for the remains of babies who were miscarried. They worked with the city of Portland to secure a plot of land in a local cemetery.

A coffin and columbarium burial with a memorial plaque for the baby is now provided to families at no cost.

“A support group and referrals to a professional are also available,” said Carolyn Manning, Youth Director of St. Patrick 2273. “The Foundation promotes the dignity and value of human life.”

According to Carolyn, someone commented at the event, “I wish something like this was available when we lost our baby.”

The location, mission, and Catholic connection between St. Patrick 2273 and JLF were a natural pairing for the Catholic Order of Forester (COF) Matching Funds program. The event was held on February 8, 2020, with 233 people in attendance. $4,795 was raised, with an additional $1,500 matched from COF. In total, the dinner netted $6,295 for Jacob’s Ladder Foundation. This was an incredible help to the organization, whose primary goal is to raise $30,000 for a crypt. Over time, JLF will raise enough funds to provide burials in the city cemetery, but its impact will go beyond that. By supporting parents through a sad part of life, JLF provides relief for grieving families.

Article by Michael Cesario

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