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Legs of Christ

Members support people riding cross-country and raising awareness for a special cause.

Coming together to help people in need with all our unique interests and talents reminds me of the body of the church, which is specialized. Some folks are the hands of Christ, and some are the feet of Christ, but we were lucky enough to find the legs of Christ. Catholic Order of Foresters sponsored a Feeding God’s Children event called “Journey for Hope Dinner” to raise money for the Ability Experience Journey of Hope bicyclists. This dedicated group of people is riding across the country to raise awareness for people with disabilities. They plan trips across the country and have different routes which take them to all corners of the nation, and they meet some amazing people along the way. A few Catholic Order of Foresters members in Toledo were fortunate enough to have them ride through their backyard, bringing a message of hope and inspiration.

Riding bicycles across the country is a feat of endurance, but some people enjoy this type of athleticism for sport and personal achievement. This incredible accomplishment does not come without sacrifice and hardship. From the tolls taken on the body and the time taken off work to combating the elements, it’s safe to say folks are not riding simply because they have nothing better to do. These amazing men and women are using their sacrifice to raise awareness for people with disabilities, a cause they are passionate about.

Members from St. George 50, Toledo, Ohio, were eager to help when they caught wind of the group riding through Toledo. Gary Johnson, Chief Ranger of St. George 50, explains, “We thought we could really help them out on this leg of the journey.” He continued, “The values of both organizations (COF and The Ability Experience) are essentially to serve.” The court pooled resources to host a dinner for these incredibly dedicated athletes during their evening in Toledo. Without help from local people, such a journey couldn’t take place, and this local Catholic Order of Foresters court was overjoyed to be a small but important part of the journey. “I think outreach is very important and is so crucial for the community,” Agent Mark Urrutia said. “Working with people that have special needs is something that fills you up and leaves you feeling good. That’s why these events are so impactful.” Gary added, “I’m so proud we were able to help make this project an overwhelming success.”

The special aspect of outreach which reveals itself with each passing event is our organization’s uniqueness. Though our members come from all walks of life, backgrounds, and occupations, they have something in common – well two things, actually: their Catholic faith and their desire to help others. This variety of people and skills makes us strong and versatile, while also setting us up so we can have folks in Ohio support an amazing cross-country journey, in Kentucky feeding the hungry with PB & Jam, and in Indiana buying gifts for fellow children in need. It is the spirit of giving and the genuine love of helping others which bonds our members from all over the country. It is this bond that makes us Catholic Order of Foresters, and that makes us the hands, feet, and legs of Jesus Christ.

Article by Michael Cesario. 


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