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Spreading the joy of Easter and celebrating life appeared at the forefront of these two events organized by sisters from Holy Family 1, Chicago, Ill.

Like rabbits but without the white, fuzzy tails, some people inertly understand the need for immediate action – even when there’s no emergency occurring or life at stake. Margaret and Madeline Temple of Holy Family 1, Chicago, Illinois, embraced the Easter season and made a difference through not just one but two Feeding God’s Children events.

After hosting 11 Feeding God’s Children events in 2020 (virtually and socially distant), Margaret and Madeline and their family were at it again, this time providing for mothers and babies and spreading the good news of Easter. “The excitement of the upcoming holiday and realizing that not all children get the opportunity to celebrate the way we get to,” Madeline said, explaining what sparked the idea for the event.

For the first event, more than 50 kids across the community decorated gift bags for mothers in need of necessities. Each volunteer participated from his or her own home, with supplies to decorate the bags having been distributed by the Temple family. Bags, already adorned with hand-drawn pictures of babies, prayers, and words of encouragement, were filled with formula, diapers, wipes, bibs, clothing, and other things needed for a new baby. The number of bags totaled 57, and they will be presented to new moms through the Evangelical Child and Family Services (ECFA). With offices in Illinois and Wisconsin, ECFA serves hundreds of children and families every year. As for the most rewarding part of Feeding God’s Children, Margaret found it in the people she sought to support. “Hearing the number of families that we brought a smile to their faces,” Margaret said.

It wasn’t all a walk in the park as Madeline explains, adding that incorporating service into their already busy schedules was the most challenging part of the planning process. “We overcame this by prioritizing the publicity of the service seeking help from our friends with donations,” she said. It paid off in the large amount of donations they received and then were able to give to families in need.

The same group of youth volunteers made Easter baskets for the children who receive goods from the West Suburban Food Bank. Nearly 100 Easter baskets, brimming with candy, toys, art supplies and plastic eggs, were handmade by children for children in the local other who otherwise may have missed out on the celebration! “They made almost 100. I lost count!” said Shelly Temple, mother to Margaret and Madeline. Not only did this event provide joy for children at the West Suburban Food Bank, but the event photos make it clear that everyone who participated reveled in the opportunity to spread the joy of Easter.

Article by Katlyn Gerken and Kaitlynrose Bicek

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