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Magazine: Love of Faith | Sister Mary of the Holy Family

Growing up in a small Michigan town, Sister Mary of the Holy Family has always been a true dreamer.

Marita Wohlfert, or Sister Mary of the Holy Family, Most Holy Trinity 2257, Fowler, Mich., leads her life with bountiful faith and positivity.

Those who surrounded her had two very important values—God and family, which Sister Mary herself values deeply. Mary knew many people, whom she looked up to, that had left the Catholic community at home to immerse themselves as God’s instruments for the rest of the world. “I knew there was something greater out there and I had to find it,” Sister Mary said, hoping to live outside normal boundaries.

Sister Mary aspired to find a place in the world that allowed her to live a life incorporating service, total radical gift of self, perfect and true love, and the ability to share those wonderful actions with people who had not learned them. “In the first homily I understood that really struck me, my parish priest said that Jesus came to serve, and not to be served,” Sister Mary said.

When she graduated high school, Sister Mary took a gap-year to discover where God was calling her. She did missionary work, and traveled to live with the sisters Servants of the Lord, whom she knew as “blue sisters,” because they wore a blue and grey habit. Sister Mary was inspired by their love for Jesus, whom they loved with their whole being, and their dedication to the love and service of God and men. “When I was 18 years old, by the grace of God, I entered the convent and I am still here today,” Sister Mary said.

What challenges does Sister Mary face in her journey? “Myself,” she said. “Being patient with my weaknesses, and laboring to remove everything in me that is an obstacle to Love.” That Love is between her and God -- a marriage. “My Spouse is the most powerful person in the world! Not to mention the author of all that is Good and Just,” she said. A favorite part of her journey is that her spouse is with her everywhere she goes. “He only wants my true good, and He always knows what that is!” she said of Him. As for her love for those she meets as a sister, she shared, “My job is to let Him fill me with love so that I can be an overflowing chalice to everyone else.”

In response to if she ever thought she’d be where she is now, Sister Mary shared, “I had so many dreams and desires that often I would become discouraged because I didn’t know how I would possibly be able to accomplish them all.” Sister Mary (below, right) believed that the only way she would be able to accomplish her dreams, was with the help from her family and future spouse. Thankfully, her religious family carries out all of those ambitions all over the world on a daily basis. “No, I never thought I would be here today,” she stated.

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Article by Brittany Hans.

Photos courtesy of Sister Mary of the Holy Family.

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