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Hooked on Giving in Michigan

With grocery bags in hand, this group supported one member’s mission to help the homeless.

In the fall 2019 edition of Catholic Forester magazine, we published an article called “Hooked on Giving” featuring Geralynn Hurt, Smulders 1101, Dearborn Hts., Mich., who cuts up plastic grocery bags into strips and uses them to make sleeping mats for the homeless. A neighboring court was inspired by her efforts and decided to take part in the mission. Steve Hull, St. Josaphat Ascension 1515, Detroit, Mich., and his fellow volunteers gathered their combined stashes of grocery bags, picked a day and time, and cut approximately 1400 bags into strips for Geralynn to make “plarn” – plastic yarn. Steve described the process as being comparable to food preparers in a restaurant, working anonymously behind the scenes to supply material for someone else to work magic with. “We’re just another humble link in the chain,” Steve said. He added, “It’s rewarding to know we’re able to help keep so much plastic bag material out of landfills.” As for what he would say to someone who wants to take part in outreach but doesn’t know how to begin, he said, “Don’t be discouraged thinking your project is too insignificant or isn’t making a high profile impact. If your work lessens the burden or brightens the day for one person, you’ve done well.”

Article by Alison Mink.

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