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Saturdays Are for Feeding the Hungry

Catholic Order of Foresters’ (COF) Home Office Team together with local court Holy Family 1 got up early on Saturday, December 8 for a good cause! At Northern Illinois Food Bank (NIFB) in Geneva, 26 people packed almost 27,000 meals for families in need during their three-hour volunteer time. Home Office Team member Sandy Kresler said of the event, “The Geneva location has such a fun, happy environment—it’s part of the reason I’ve been volunteering there for almost 16 years.”

NIFB serves a 13-county area and relies on volunteers like Sandy to support its mission of solving hunger across northern Illinois.1 It has a network of 800 food pantries2, but if a county doesn’t have a food pantry, Sandy explained how they work around it: “If a pantry doesn’t exist, they provide a ‘traveling food pantry’, a.k.a. a mobile pantry. These pantries serve approximately 300 families every week.”

If that wasn’t incredible enough, this year COF and Holy Family 1 made a combined donation of $5,250, which NIFB turned into $42,000 worth of groceries. Sandy noted how amazing this was and said, “COF will continue serving at NIFB twice a year, and next year we plan to serve at both the Geneva and the Joliet facilities.” NIFB is impacting local communities in big ways, producing profound results in their efforts to eliminate hunger. It is a mission that COF will continue to readily serve and be a part of.    

For more information, visit Northern Illinois Food Bank’s website

Group of Home Office Team Volunteers at Northern Illinois Food Bank

The group of volunteers, led by Sandy Kresler (gray sweatshirt) and Holly Nauman (blue shirt), presents the check to Northern Illinois Food Bank.

Article by Alison Mink.



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