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High Court Trustees Donate to Make a Difference

COF awards High Court Trustees $1,000 Each to Donate to an Organization of their Choice

In November 2018, High Chief Ranger Dave Huber once again announced that each of the High Court Trustees (board members) had the opportunity to donate $1,000 to a Catholic charity of his or her choosing. 

High Court Trustee Susan Pereira (Michigan) donated a $1,000 check to St. Paul of Tarsus Catholic Church Pantry. Monthly for over 30 years, the pantry has served more than 240 families. Volunteers put in 450 hours of combined service each month, serving food that is donated almost entirely by the parish community. The pantry also helps families in need of financial assistance to pay their bills and offers prayers and support to the Macomb County community for any and all of its needs.

Susan Pereira Donating to Food Pantry

High Court Trustee Rosalie Grams (Minnesota) donated a $1,000 check to Southern Minnesota Catholic Charities for the organization’s emergency work. They have a number of programs to help the needy, including companionship and visits to the elderly, refugee resettlement assistance, adoption and pregnancy services, and warming shelters for the homeless just to name a few. Everything they do is to follow their motto: “Serving the poor and marginalized regardless of age, gender, ethnic background, or faith tradition.” 

 Rosalie Grams Presents Check to Catholic Charities 

High Court Trustee Mark Wessely (Wisconsin) donated $1,000 to St. John the Evangelist Homeless Shelter, which provides temporary emergency shelter for men and women. The shelter's mission is to meet its guests where they are and help build them up to self-sufficiency by providing programs and services that affirm their human dignity. The meals at the shelter are all donated. Each month, Mark and his fellow parishioners take part in providing the meals to shelter guests.

Mark Wessely Gives Check to Homeless Shelter Staff Member

High Court Trustee Beth McFarlane (Wisconsin) donated $1,000 from the High Court Welfare and Relief Fund to the Human Concerns Committee at her parish to be used for their Christmas Giving Tree. They will decorate the tree with “ornaments” that list necessity items for parishioners to choose, purchase, and bring back wrapped and ready to deliver to local needy families. Fr. Tom of Sacred Heart Church, Shawano, Wisconsin, and Beth are pictured below.


High Court Trustee Julie Bries (Iowa) donated $1,000 to the Care and Share Program of St. Paul Parish in Worthington, Iowa. The Care and Share Program will use the money to support the area food pantry. Julie’s father started the program years ago for parishioners who were in need of support during the Christmas season, and Julie recognized that many in the area could still use the help. Through this donation, the Rural Community Food Pantry can continue to give food and personal items to people who need them the most. 

Julie Bries presents check to local pastor

High Court Trustee Jack Taphorn (Ohio) recently donated a check of $1,000 from the High Court Welfare and Relief Fund to Sr. Trica Cruise, President of Healthy Moms and Babes. A Catholic organization dedicated to taking care of at-risk women of childbearing age and their children, Healthy Moms and Babes helps mothers and children in the Greater Cincinnati area to not just survive but to thrive.1

High Court Trustee Mark Connaughton (Kentucky) donated $1,000 from the High Court Welfare and Relief Fund to Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Covington, Ky., an organization that serves the Northern Kentucky community by bringing the beatitudes to life in all 14 counties of the Covington Diocese.They provide counseling for a variety of needs, housing, adoption services, food support, prison ministry, advocation for social justice and disaster response.Below, Mark Connaughton (left) presents the check to Alan Pickett, Executive Director of Catholic Charities - Diocese of Covington, Kentucky.

Mark Connaughton presents check to Alan Pickett

High Court Trustee Betty Fiegen (South Dakota) donated a check of $1,000 to Bishop Dudley Hospitality House (BDHH), which provides housing services for 80 men, 20 women and seven families. BDHH is committed to the safety, dignity and wellness of its guests4, relying on donations especially during the winter months to keep them warm and cared for. BDHH not only helps with temporary solutions for their city’s homeless but also helps them work towards long-term, sustainable goals to get them back on their feet.

Betty Fiegen Presents Check to Hospital









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