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High Court Elections

Delegates voted for High Court Officers and Trustees at the 50th National Convention!

On August 15, 2016, 228 voting members participated in the High Court elections at COF's 50th National Convention in Omaha, Nebraska. Three members were elected to the High Court, and they will take office on January 1, 2017: Julie Bries of Iowa, Mark Connaughton of Kentucky, and Mark Wessely of Wisconsin. 

Three board members are retiring as of January 1, 2017: High Court Trustees Larry Galles of Iowa and Jim Demulling of Wisconsin, and High Secretary-Treasurer Tom Munninghoff of Kentucky. 

David Huber and David Krebs were re-elected to their positions of High Chief Ranger and Vice High Chief Ranger, respectively. High Court Trustee Rod Oligmueller was elected to the position of High Secretary-Treasurer. Rosalie Grams, Betty Fiegen, Ron Freund, Susan Pereira, Jack Taphorn, Peter Lemire, Tom Lepinski, Gene Even and Gene Hesse were also all re-elected to the High Court as Trustees.

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