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Wolterstorff Earns Richard Tobin Award

Wisconsin Agent Donates to Catholic Radio Station

Catholic Order of Foresters Agent Geoffrey Wolterstorff, of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, earned a Richard Benevolence Tobin Award! He has chosen to donate the $500 associated with the award to Relevant Radio, a national Catholic radio station based in Green Bay, Wisconsin. They are there all the time with excellent information!” Wolterstorff said as to why he chose to donate to Relevant Radio. “During [the COVID-19 Pandemic], Father Rocky has Mass at Noon every day. Patrick Madrid in the morning while getting ready for work…so many good calls from listeners and answers from Catholics around the world!” Wolterstorff, a first-time recipient of the award, said, “I was very surprised that Catholic Order of Foresters [gave] me money to direct to an organization of my choice.” He hopes the donation will be used to help the station stay on the radio so it can continue broadcasting good news to listeners.

Catholic Order of Foresters’ top 20 agents earned Richard Tobin Benevolence Awards, worth $500 each, based on production year 2019. COF donates the money to the church, school or community organization of each agent’s choice. These awards are made possible through COF’s Welfare and Relief Fund. The late High Chief Ranger Richard Tobin established this fund to allocate money for fraternal good.

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