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From the Archives: Northeast Catholic College

Read about how COF is partnering with this school to support Catholicism and future generations.

This article originally appeared in the spring 2015 edition of Catholic Forester magazine. 


Formerly the College of St. Mary Magdalen, this school sits nestled in the mountains of Warner, New Hampshire. The name was recently changed to reflect the addition of majors and a career pathways initiative. 

When a small liberal arts school deeply rooted in Catholic traditions needed financial assistance to earn accreditation and incorporate new leadership, its staff worked with a consultant who lead them to Catholic Order of Foresters. In 2012, Northeast Catholic College received a loan from Catholic Order of Foresters that gave them the ability to build enrollment and strengthen development activities by promoting the school regionally and nationally. 

Since its start in 1973, the college boasted graduating classes as small as four and as large as 20. In fall 2014, 61 students were enrolled in the college, and the projection for fall of this year is 80. Students attend from all over the country, many coming from a background of homeschooling. 

"They're good kids. It's fun to watch them come in and grow," adds Chief Operating Officer Dan Peterson. The college offers a Catholic liberal arts curriculum, with Theology, Politics, Philosophy, Literature and The Great Books as options for majors. Recently, the college added the Career Pathways Program, which includes an etiquette dinner and instruction on writing resumes, among other career building blocks.

There is an extensive collection of relics from all 12 apostles housed in the campus church. Mass is offered daily, and no classes or activities are scheduled at that time. Feast day festivities are often facilitated by students who also organized a daily rosary and confession. Sunday Mass, a celebration that many locals attend, even includes an all-college choir. We give them every tool to...grow spiritually, Director of Admissions and Communications Katie Moffett says.

Students find the spiritual and tight-knit atmospheres of the college comforting. 

Sabrina White, one of the multiple sets of siblings on campus, says, "It is amazing to go to school with my brother...I can go to him with a theory I learned in class and discuss it with him."

The college's mission is to give each student the skills to live wise, generous and successful lives in Christ's name. This loan from COF continues to grow the college and aligns with COF's mission of bringing people together to help our communities. COF loans money to parishes, dioceses, cemeteries, religious orders and schools, and currently has 19 active loans and bonds.

Article by Katlyn Gerken.


Editor's note: The school has since changed its name to Magdalen College of the Liberal Arts.

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