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Magazine: Leaving a Legacy

One member left a legacy through COF's Fraternal Legacy Rider. Learn how you can, too.

Life can take you by surprise quite quickly. Life insurance may be one of the most important purchases you make because you never know when you’ll need it. An insurance policy made sense for the Turners, and opting for the Fraternal Legacy Rider1 was a simple choice for them.

“If you buy your life insurance from COF, in most cases2, we will make a donation to the Catholic charity of your choice when you die,” Agent David Zerhusen said. “That donation can be very significant, and it doesn’t cost you anything.”

Dave said he is aware of hundreds of thousands of dollars already designated to places like the Diocesan Catholic Children’s Home, Dynamic Catholic, and many individual parishes, including St. Pius X Parish in Edgewood, Ky.

On August 18, 2016, Katina Turner, a parishioner of St. Pius X, presented a check for $50,000 to her pastor, Father Baiju Kidaagen in loving memory of her husband, Thomas Turner, who passed on July 2, 2016. 

“Just as we gave Fr. the check, he started kicking the door sills out,” Katina says with a smile. The Turners’ check has since been used to increase accessibility to the church by equipping the front door with an automated opener. At the time of the interview, the opener was installed and waiting to be connected electrically.

“Tom was disabled for several years,” Katina reflects. “[He] started with a cane, [moved] to a walker, a push wheel chair and then an automatic wheelchair. Everyone helped us get inside of the church.”

St. Pius was built in the 1980’s and the Turners were determined to make it easier for others needing mobility assistance to access the church. “I feel like Tom’s still giving even though he’s no longer physically here with us,” Katina said. “He gave so much to the parish: bible studies, children’s liturgy of the word, church activities, the family Rosary, the Christ Renews His Parish program, [basically] whatever he could do.” Dave says, “It’s a wonderful testament to Tom. He was always thinking of others. Every time someone uses that door, it will be a blessing.”

If you are considering the Fraternal Legacy Rider, Dave recommends praying about where you want the donation to go, and then feel great about leaving a charitable legacy to a worthwhile cause.

“It’s very rewarding to know our company takes our Catholic faith so seriously,” Dave said. “We truly are a fraternal benefit society.”

More than $23,000,0003 has been earmarked for various Catholic charities through the Fraternal Legacy Rider. 

1The Fraternal Legacy Rider is available with the purchase of a life insurance policy of $50,000 or more and provides an additional five percent of the policy’s initial death benefit to a qualified Catholic charity of the policy owner’s choice. Terms and conditions apply. Not available in all states. Contact your agent or the Home Office at 800-552-0145 for details.
2With the purchase of a qualified life insurance policy. Not eligible for all products. 
3As of October 2016.

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