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Catholic Order of Foresters (COF) debuts its newest life insurance product, Flexible Premium Life. This product offers a flexible premium strategy and ongoing premium flexibility. Any additional amount can be added to same policy without applying for a whole new policy. The term of coverage is also flexible term. This product is designed for maximum performance in situations where low cost death benefit protection is the primary objective. Flexible Premium Life offers a way to accumulate money for retirement.

This product offers term solutions unlike any other in the marketplace, and Flexible Premium Life is unique to COF. It provides the ability to change premium strategies on the fly. Its new annual renewable premium feature will be competitive in the term insurance market. 

“With Flexible Premium Life, the insured will be able to choose the amount of coverage, choose the premium strategy that best fits his or her budget, and choose the terms of coverage based on his or her family’s needs,” COF’s Vice President of Sales Tom Adamson said. 

Established in 1883, COF is a not-for-profit Catholic life insurance society helping members achieve financial security while supporting the Catholic community through fraternal outreach of spiritual, social and community service projects. It is headquartered in Naperville, Ill. With more than 117,000 members nationwide, it is the third largest Catholic fraternal membership society in the United States. For more information, visit, or connect with COF social media.

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