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Serving Seniors A Slice of Life

Feeding God's Children event hosted by Cardinal Samuel Stritch 1993, Chicago, Illinois

“Whenever there’s a Catholic Order of Foresters gathering, there’s always family,” Feeding God’s Children Event Coordinator Sylvia Robinson said to me with a big smile on her face. I was on my way out of the Feeding God’s Children event hosted by Cardinal Samuel Stritch 1993 which was filled with community, family and tradition.Cardinal Samuel Stritch 1993 has a long history engaging with the community and being involved with the Catholic Order of Foresters (COF). Sylvia was proud to say her immediate and extended family have been involved with COF for over 40 years. In fact, the Feeding God’s Children event certainly seemed like a family gathering as everyone knew each other and met to play bingo with the senior citizens of the community. During the game, COF members and seniors enjoyed a catered lunch and looked forward to the bingo prizes, which were provided by Cardinal Samuel Stritch 1993. It was inspiring to see people coming together to connect! Feeding God’s Children events are all about connecting with people and reaching out to neighbors in the community, and this event was the epitome of these principles. The event was inspiring because it highlighted what it means to be a COF member. Sometimes the best events are a simple recipe of kindness and community.

The best thing about this event is just how easy it is to set up and implement. Everyone should think about hosting an event because it has such a big impact and doesn’t take a lot of time money or energy. In my experience, if there is good intention the impact is powerful, no matter how big or small the event is. The first event can even be as short as an hour just to get started, so what are you waiting for?

Article by Michael Cesario.

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