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Feeding God's Children | Cincinnati, Ohio

Every year, the Cincinnati Central Chapter (CCC) hosts a Feeding God’s Children event. For the second year in a row, it held a collection event for Healthy Moms and Babes, an outreach program for pregnant women who need access to health care.

Seventy-seven people attended the event to pack two cars with baby items and donate $2,000 to the organization. The collection event was held at Stehlin’s Meat Market in Cincinnati, Ohio. COF members Dennis and John Stehlin, St. John the Baptist 1513, Cincinnati, Ohio, hosted the FGC event in their business’ parking lot and kindly provided food for all participants.

One participant, Matt Schaefer, Gonzaga 1572 Cincinnati, Ohio, has been volunteering with COF for 24 years. Matt helped promote the event by reaching out to the Brian Thomas Morning Show, which featured Feeding God’s Children on the radio. 

The Cincinnati Central Chapter excels with getting youth members involved. This year, the CCC joined forces with The Happy Loomers, a local knitting group, to teach youth how to make baby hats for donation. In addition, the youth from St. Aloysius 2172 Shandon, Ohio, collected diapers and baby wipes.

Healthy Moms and Babes is a Catholic organization that serves at-risk women of childbearing age and their children. President and CEO Sister Tricia Cruise says, “We answer God’s call to help deliver high risk babies. We help them [the women] with all the barriers in their lives in hopes that they can be self-sufficient.”

They are celebrating 30 years of serving Greater Cincinnati with a staff of 18. Sister Tricia says, “Some of our staff were our clients at one time.”

HCT Jack Taphorn said, “They are a worthy cause.” Healthy Moms and Babes has served and cared for more than 1,700 women through its van services by providing tests, doctor referrals, insurance and social assistance, and women’s health information.

Additionally, it has served over 300 women through the confidential home-based care services that offer education and support. The organization’s main hope is that babies “will be born healthy to healthy moms” who are embraced by a loving family which helps them thrive.

Article by Brittany Demendi. 

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