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Faces of Fraternalism: Katie Conrad

St. Aloysius 2172, Shandon, Ohio

Katie is passionate about her faith and her community, doing her best in everything to give back the love and joy they give to her. As for who inspired this fraternal spirit, she said she wouldn’t be who she was if it weren’t for her friend Sydney Harrison, who helped her get more involved with volunteering and come to love it. “I have a fond admiration for helping animals and people, but I would say my favorite volunteering activity would be supporting and helping families in need of reassurance,” Katie explained. “I love to reassure them that they are never alone.” One way she shows this love to her community members is through her prom dress collection service project, in which the community donated prom dresses as well as accessories for her to then give to girls who might not be able to afford it. “I was shocked at how many dresses I received,” Katie said. “The community and I wanted the girls who couldn’t afford a dress to enjoy their night and feel empowered.” Katie attended the 2018 Alternative Break, as well, and said once again she was amazed at how quickly her community responded and supported herself and a few others so they could participate for free. Katie’s takeaway was this: “When you volunteer to help people or animals, you can feel the love from God and the people around you. That feeling of love is like no other thing, and it persuades me to continue to help my community and to make a difference in those people’s lives.”

Katie Conrad Volunteering at Humane Society

Article by Alison Mink.

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