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Faces of Fraternalism: Joelle Bohringer

St. Anthony 2046, Castle Rock, Wisconsin

Joelle Bohringer has one foot in America and one across the pond, as she spent her childhood in Wisconsin but transitioned to international territory to pursue an advanced high school diploma course in peace and sustainability at the United World College – Atlantic College in Wales, U.K. She is a budding world leader with an interest in middle eastern politics, foreign relations and political science, all of which she will be studying at New York University’s campus in Abu Dhabi, UAE next year. Traveling is her favorite thing to do, but she doesn’t take it lightly. She uses her experiences abroad to help grow her community back home. She established a pen pal program that connects elementary students in Wisconsin with high school students from over 30 countries around the world. Joelle said, “Returning to my hometown and volunteering in the classrooms involved in the program has been so rewarding, as I have been able to see how much the students have learned about the world and other cultures.”

Article by Alison Mink.

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