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Empowering Members to Make a Difference: COFs' Fraternal Legacy Rider

Ricardo Coy Sr.'s Fraternal Legacy Rider donation to the Diocese of Gary will have a lasting impact on the community he cared about.

Through the Fraternal Legacy Rider1 attached to his Catholic Order of Foresters (COF) life insurance policy, member Ricardo Coy Sr., a father and talented instrumentalist with a deep passion for music, left a $10,000 legacy donation to the Diocese of Gary, Indiana, after he passed away in January.

“He was the only bugler in Northwest Indiana,” said his daughter Elizabeth. “He wanted his gift of music to extend to schools where the art of music could be carried on. He was an avid guitarist, pianist, saxophonist, and trumpeter. He wrote the prayer that is said throughout the State of Indiana to veterans during their funerals. This is a true legacy of what he left behind for his family.”

“The family was extremely grateful for the opportunity to donate to the Diocese,” said General Agent Jim Pappas, who wrote Ricardo’s policy. “The wonderful thing about the Fraternal Legacy Rider is that there was no expense to the family.”

The Diocese of Gary has expressed its gratitude for the gift, which will be used to support the diocese’s ongoing charitable efforts.

According to Judy Holicky, the Diocese of Gary’s development assistant in its Office of Stewardship and Development, Ricardo’s gift was allocated toward the diocese’s Bishop’s Charities Fund.

Previous charities that have been supported by this fund are: Catholic Charities, which acts as the charitable arm of the Diocese of Gary and advocates for the physical, emotional, and social needs of the most vulnerable. The Albertine Home, a Catholic senior care center in Hammond. The Mercy Fund Endowment, which provides annual grants to local ministries that support through the Catholic Foundation for Northwest Indiana. The Society of St. Vincent de Paul, which assists families and individuals in need with material and financial assistance for housing and utilities. Lake County Right to Life, whose purpose is to promote and protect the sanctity of all human life. And Calumet College of St. Joseph, a Catholic liberal arts college founded and served by the Missionaries of the Precious Blood (C.P.P.S.) in Whiting.

“Elizabeth said it was a blessing to present the check to [the Rev.] Stanish in her father’s name,” said Jim.

Ricardo’s donation is a shining example of the power of legacy giving. Through the Fraternal Legacy Rider, COF members can make a lasting impact on their community and support the causes they care about long after they’re gone. By leaving a legacy of generosity, members like Ricardo Coy Sr. ensure that their commitment to service lives on and continues to make a difference in the lives of others.

1 A rider added to your life insurance policy allowing COF to pay one or more Catholic charities a death benefit on your behalf, in addition to your named beneficiary(ies) receiving their designated death benefit. Eligible death benefit face amount starts at $50,000. Charitable contribution death benefit paid to a Catholic charity(ies) not to exceed $250,000. Not available in all states. Fraternal Legacy Rider forms: ICC17-FLR-UL, FLR-UL17, ICC19-FLR-TRAD, FLR-TRAD-19, FLR-TRAD19-FL. See terms and conditions at:

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