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COF Earns Excellence in Education Award

Catholic Order of Foresters was awarded with LOMA's Excellence in Education (EIE) award! Only 47 of the more than 1,200 LOMA member companies were awarded this honor. COF is committed to the training and development of its employees, both in the area of job related skills training and lifelong learning for personal development.

According to the announcement, to be eligible for this award, a company must be a full, affiliate, or academic member of LOMA and demonstrate ongoing support and promotion of LOMA education programs by virtue of:

  • Its learners having successfully completed a minimum of 50 designation program courses during 2017.
  • Having a high percentage of successful completions on all designation program courses whether in a proctored (traditional) or non-proctored (highly interactive online) format.
  • Showing 5% or more growth in successful course completions over 2016.

Below are a few of the COF Home Office employees who earned various LOMA certificates last year: 

Ben G. LOMA John H LOMA Mike D. LOMA

  Tony S. LOMA


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