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COF Announces Retiring High Court Members

Five board members serving on Catholic Order of Foresters’ High Court will retire at year-end.

Retiring Vice High Chief Ranger David Krebs
David Krebs of Ohio who served on COF’s High Court for 29 years, is retiring from the position of Vice High Chief Ranger. “What a delight it has been for me to become friends with them and work with them for the betterment of the organization,” Krebs said of his fellow board members, Home Office staff and local court members. Krebs was introduced to this fraternal benefit society as an infant. In his retirement video message, he said, “I owe great gratitude to my Dad for my COF membership.”

Rosalie Grams
Rosalie Grams of Minnesota, who is retiring from the position of High Court Trustee, expressed gratitude for the many different groups she has worked with over the years. “I appreciate the support of all of the Home Office staff and agents, as they made my job more rewarding,” she said in her retirement video message. “Thanks also to my fellow trustees…and to my state and local court who have supported me through the years – you are the best!” Grams summed up her gratitude by saying, “For all of the people in my COF world, I am grateful.”

Gene Hesse
Gene Hesse of Minnesota is retiring from the position of High Court Trustee after 10 years on the board.  “Change can be a difficult thing to accept, including my retirement from this position,” Hesse said in his retirement video message. “We need to continue changing or we will be left behind. This virtual Convention is an example of how we can change. Keep up the good work!”

Retiring High Court Trustee Jack Taphorn
Jack Taphorn of Ohio, who is retiring from the position of High Court Trustee, has served on COF’s High Court for the last eight years. “I will continue to do my job as trustee until my term is over,” Taphorn assured in his retirement video message. “I still plan to be active in my court and anything else that may need my assistance.” His plans include joining the VFW post as part of their honor guard, if “they will have me”. Taphorn, a veteran himself, said, “I feel like I need to give back to other veterans who served.”

Mark Wessely
Mark Wessely of Wisconsin is retiring from the position of High Court Trustee. “[Serving on the High Court] has given me the opportunity to meet so many good COF members from all over the nation,” Wessely said, with gratitude, in his retirement video message. “As the world changes, so do the needs of our members and potential members, and the Order needs to and will continue to make changes to the governance and products to better serve the order, keeping in mind the true mission of the order.”

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