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Bringing Relief to Nebraska Flood Victims

March 2019 brought Nebraska the worst natural disaster it's ever seen: severe, record-breaking floods.

Heavy rains and fast-melting snow swelled the rivers and, for Nebraska, the state with more miles of river than any other U.S. state, that meant disaster.

The deadly floods left many roads impassable, turned towns into islands, and caused more than $1 billion in damage.1 Catholic Order of Foresters members did what they do best – stepped up to help neighbors in need.

St. Patrick Church in Elkhorn, Neb., partnered with local churches to collect items for those displaced by the floods, and the church arranged a partnership with Christ for the City International to provide long-term housing to flood victims. High Secretary-Treasurer Rod Oligmueller and his wife Janice, both of Immaculate Conception 1727, Omaha, Neb., organized an effort to donate supplies and cash to St. Patrick Church to assist with the long-term housing shelter. The shelter will be 100% dependent upon community volunteers to provide meals and other assistance.

Agent Tyson Owens of Columbus, Neb., called the Fraternal Outreach Team one Tuesday in March, on a mission to host a Feeding God’s Children event to aid victims. For two Sundays after Mass outside his parish, St. Bonaventure Catholic Church, Tyson, his family and other volunteers in bright yellow shirts manned a donation trailer – which was entirely full when they went to deliver items to the victims.


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