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Follow-up Questions

Due to time constraints, these questions below were not addressed live on air during the events.

Member Forum Follow-up Questions

These questions are from the Member Forum on August 17, 2021.

Is this event recorded for those who couldn’t attend?

Answer: Yes! You can view it here.

Is Adopt A Seminarian limited to diocesan seminarians, or can religious order seminarians be included? What about religious women in formation (nuns, postulants, novices, juniorates)?

Answer: While most commonly associated with diocesan seminarians, Adopt A Seminarian is not limited to those specific men in formation. We welcome all those discerning God’s call to holy orders or religious life to participate in this initiative. Call or text Kaitlynrose Bicek at 630-527-4996 for more information on how you can start this initiative with your court!

My court has a lot of T-shirts from past years of Feeding God’s Children. How could we put them to good use?

Answer: Consider upcycling them for your next event! You could create cloth diapers for children in Haiti as this group did, create quilts from them and give the quilts as gifts or auction them off and donate the funds raised, or even make dog toys for a local animal shelter. Contact the Fraternal Outreach Team here or call or text 630-527-4996 for more ideas.

How can those who don’t have a court in their state get involved?

Answer: Reach out to the Fraternal Outreach Team here to learn about events occurring in your area or to discuss planning one. You may even be able to participate in events occurring in other states!

You made many references to local agent involvement. How does this work with an agent hundreds of miles away?

Answer: It’s important to inform your agent, no matter the distance from you, of an event you’re planning. Virtual events can be a great way to involve your agent if he or she lives far away. As far as working with and involving a local agent, reach out to Katlyn Pischel via email here or text or call 630-983-3746. We will do our best to connect you with a local COF Agent, Agency and/or Field Manager.

Why can students only win the new Fraternal Scholarship one year of their four-year schooling?

Answer: This is to allow other students the chance to win the scholarship. It is possible that the parameters could change in the future to allow students who win to apply again.

I read that we need to submit material when we use COF info, agent info, etc. Can you expand more? It was in a recent edition of the Fraternal Focus.

Answer: Whenever you mention a Catholic Order of Foresters (COF) Agent, insurance product, or service in any court material (printed flyers, event invitations, posts on social media, etc.), please send the material to our team first. Judy James is the best person to send it to ( Any material promoting a COF Agent, insurance product, etc. is court consumer material – a form of advertising. For this reason, the Home Office Team must review and approve it.

Has any decision been made about increasing the Matching Funds amount that was voted on at the National Convention?

Answer: Yes, the High Court decided to leave the Matching Funds program as is for now.

How many courts are in Minnesota?

Answer: There are 42 courts in Minnesota plus three High Court numbers.

Town Hall Follow-up Questions

The questions are from the COF Town Hall on April 7, 2021. Questions that were asked live during Town Hall but were specific to individual member situations are being addressed individually between the member and Home Office Team.

What events, activities or opportunities are available to local courts besides Feeding God’s Children and mission trips?

Answer: Local courts, and members everywhere, may participate in alternative breaks (for 18- to 24 year-olds), Adopt A Seminarian, Spirituality Tap-in, Fraternal Outreach Workshops, the Outreach Webinar, and Fraternal Forums. For more information on any of these opportunities, click on the one of interest, or contact the Fraternal Outreach Team!

How do I contact my local court?

Answer: You can visit our online court locator. Select your state, then “Courts”. Scroll until you find your court. You can click “email” to contact your local court.

What essential information does a new court officer need to know?

Answer: Please contact Judy James directly for new court officer information.

Can email addresses be made available to local court officers to make it easier to contact local court members?

Answer: There are many privacy and data regulations that vary by state and encompass the use of email. The Home Office Team is discussing ways to facilitate local court communication with members while staying compliant.

Do online local court meetings meet all regulatory requirements?

Answer: Yes, they meet COF Constitution and Bylaws requirements.

How can my local court set up an online court meeting? Is it expensive?

Answer: There are several options! Zoom offers a free video conferencing option and, if everyone participating in the meeting has an Apple device, Facetime would be an option, too. For more ideas, watch this Outreach Webinar featuring ideas for meeting virtually.

Is it possible for a list to be circulated letting local courts know what events/items are budget reimbursable?

Answer: Anyone with specific questions regarding budget or reimbursement should contact Judy James, but cash and gift cards are never reimbursable.

Is the reduction of local youth events due to the pandemic or a trend?

Answer: It is a trend that we have been seeing over time. There has been an increase in non-member youth participation in our Feeding God’s Children events which makes us optimistic about future events.

What plans do you have to replace the Pathways program?

Answer: The 2020 National Convention established a committee to address programs like this and are meeting to discuss and determine the best path forward.

Can you provide answers about resolutions that were voted on at National Convention? Also, do states have control of their funds still, or are they already at the High Court? What happens to local courts who want to be dissolved? Can we transfer them to other courts nearby?

Answer: These topics are currently under review by a committee that is tasked with assessing all COF fraternal programs.

How do Jurisdiction Courts hold meetings this year and compensate court members in attendance?

Answer: All information regarding the jurisdiction courts is to be determined by the High Court in upcoming meetings. When information is available, it will be provided.

How does a Jurisdiction Court handle a Youth Director position if their adopted bylaws from last year’s National Convention still had a Youth Director?

Answer: All information regarding the jurisdiction courts is to be determined by the High Court in upcoming meetings. When information is available, it will be provided.

Has the number of parents purchasing life insurance for their children decreased in the last 20 years?

Answer: At COF, the number of juvenile policies issued in in the last 20 years has decreased, while the average amount of coverage per juvenile has increased.

How can I learn what general investments are in an IRA?

Answer: The Tax Code allows for a wide variety of investment options eligible to be held in an IRA account. Typically, investors choose to hold stocks, corporate bonds, mutual funds, exchange trade funds (ETF), Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS) U.S. Government obligations and money funds. Mutual Funds are a popular investment in IRA accounts because they are professionally managed and invest in a diversified pool of assets.

Many factors go into what an individual investor should consider for their own account. Age, risk-tolerance, income, net-worth and investment experience are some of the things that need be considered prior to deciding if an investment is appropriate for you. Generally, a young investor should take more risk in the early years of investing and gradually taper down risk as they approach retirement.

To learn more about how COF’s investments align with our Catholic values, visit our webpage: Investing with Catholic Values - Catholic Order of Foresters ( If you have questions about one of your policies or contracts, please contact your agent or Member Services at 800-552-0145.

The information above is general in nature, is provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal or tax advice. Catholic Order of Foresters does not provide legal or tax advice. Always consult an attorney or tax professional regarding your specific legal or tax situation.

Mr. Huber, how are you related to Sonny Huber?

Answer: Sonny Huber is Mr. Huber’s father.

What is your technical set-up?

Answer: We used RSVPify to capture RSVPs and send reminder emails. Our livestream was initiated through Zoom and linked to YouTube. The Q&A site, Slido, embed the YouTube video stream so our audience could both watch and interact with us through a single platform.