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Nov 06

Gold Rosary Mass and Brunch

Court: ST MARY #0054 (ASSUMPTION, Ohio)
Location: Holy Trinity Parish then Scramblers

Mass to honor the 50 and 75 year members of C.O.F. will begin at 10:30am at Holy Trinity Catholic Parish and then we will gather again at 1:00pm for Brunch at Scramblers.  Everything will be provided.  Fifty year members include:      Francis Dubielak Jr, Mary Everett, Michael Fritsch, Gary Grime, Mary Harrell, Eric Heintschel, Michael Hernandez, Patricia Link, Marianne Miller, Virgil Mosiniak, Jennifer Mossing, Irene Nichols, Beatrice Oneil, and John Ruszkowski.  Seventy five year members include:  Helen Gillen, Joseph Kucera, Rosemary Ott, Eloise Slawinski, Robert Smith, and Lucille Smith.

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