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Bringing Catholic Values to Life
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We'll provide you with the tools to host a successful event!

Let's plan an event together! We're here to help your event come to life and simplify the planning process. 

Fraternal Outreach Workshop

Do you want to host an outreach event in your community? Do you have an idea for an event, but you aren't sure how to bring it to life? Host this type of workshop! Ideally, these take place in the evening on a weekday. Attendees are people, of any age, who are active in the community and want to make a difference! A small group of approximately five to 10 people works well. We can also host these for high school or college students only, targeting specific projects or goals they have.

Goal: Foster ideas for a Feeding God's Children event, choose one of those ideas, set an event date, and identify the best ways to promote the event.

Giving Book Workshop

Are you interested in getting young students or the next generation more involved? This book can be used as a brief story time or a more in-depth four-part learning session, beginning with the Giving Fable, followed by a group discussion and action plan, interactive activity, and takeaway. We can work with parents and grandparents showing them how to use the Giving Book with their children and grandchildren. We can also use this book and lesson with students in a daytime, afternoon or evening reading session and discussion.

Goal: Inspire young students to be involved their communities, identify at least one event they'd like to plan, and work with their parents or teacher to bring the event to life.

Website Training

From logging in to posting events on your local court's website, we'll show you how to navigate your profile and local court website.

Goal: Familiarize you with Catholic Order of Foresters' website and your local court website. If you're a court web admin, our goal is to show you how to update and maintain your local court's website. 

Reach out to the Fraternal Outreach Team to schedule your workshop today! We want to see your event succeed and provide you with the knowledge you need to be a resourceful member of your local court.

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