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Join us on our next adventure!

Ready for a once in a lifetime experience? You've come to the right place! Keep reading to explore opportunities to get involved.

Stay tuned for information about our 2020 trips! Ask the Fraternal Outreach Team for more information, how your local court or state court may sponsor your trip, and why participants call these trips the best weeks of their lives!

If you have an open mind, want to grow spiritually, are looking for a challenge, and love serving others, participate in one of our alternative breaks! During this life-changing experience, you'll grow and be challenged spiritually and physically but all for a worthy cause - serving our brothers and sisters in Christ. 


Summer 2019: Lewis County, Kentucky
Summer 2019: Houston, Texas. We worked to complete the re-build of a house that was destroyed by Hurricane Harvey. (Video above!)
Summer 2018: Albany, Georgia. We repaired houses in the fourth poorest congressional district in the nation.
Spring 2017: New Orleans, Louisiana. We rebuilt a house destroyed by flooding. 
Summer 2015: Harlan, Kentucky. We built a house for a family in need. (Our first trip!) 

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