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ST MARY #1967

PB & Jammin

Feeding God's Children event organized by multiple local courts and members hungry to make a difference
PB & Jam in Kentucky in early January 2019

Ready, set, PB & Jam! We are always looking for a new way to give back to the community while having fun. PB & Jam events have been a fantastic way to do both! Agent Holly Schweitzer from St. Peter 1492, California, Ky., explains, “We had many members say how great of an event it was and they had not seen one like it. One of our agents also saw some children walking home with peanut butter jelly sandwiches in their hands which they had received from one of the shelters.” This shows the impact of not only a PB & Jam event, but also Feeding God’s Children in general. We often forget how much giving back to the community is needed until we see the actual fruits of our labor. In addition to these events being incredibly impactful, they are also designed to be fun.

“PB & Jam was designed to allow each court to champion one month,” General Agent Tom Kaelin of St. Catherine of Siena 2514, Fort Thomas, Ky., said. “The goal is to have courts competing to make the most sandwiches and for the shelters to have sandwiches each month perpetually. It’s a year-round statewide FGC.” And though the events are a team effort, they came about due to one agent’s desire to make a difference. “Eric Vieth is the brain child of this event,” Tom said. Feeding God’s Children events can be used by multiple courts as a way to be involved in and excited about outreach. While chatting with Agent Eric Vieth of St. Catherine 2514, he emphasized how people love teaming up to try and outdo other courts.

For the record, St. Catherine of Siena 2514 has hosted two PB & Jam events with more than 300 participants; St. Thomas 2519 in Fort Thomas hosted an event which saw more than 60 volunteers; and participants at St. Mary 1967 in Alexandria, Ky., made 1400 sandwiches for local homeless shelters. St. Joseph 2094, Cold Spring, Ky., made 700 sandwiches with volunteers from ages 10 to 70 for Our Daily Bread Mission, Hosea House, Parish Kitchen and Hope Ministries! The group is planning its next PB & Jam event for January 2020. “The most rewarding part of the event was watching the youth work together knowing that what they’re are doing is helping the less fortunate,” Recording Secretary Sharon Geiger said.  St. Peter 1492, California, Ky., made 1,886 sandwiches in 45 minutes to support people in need at Campbell Ridge Elementary, Newport Immediate School, Hosea House and Our Daily Bread.

Having a creative approach to events is one of the best aspects of Feeding God’s Children. As people and lifestyles are changing, we must evolve with those changes. Having a well-organized event where people show up for an hour to make sandwiches is something a lot of people have a hard time saying “no” to. And though the time donated is short, the impact from the event is long. PB & Jam is a simple idea that has turned into an inspiring Feeding God’s Children event – and it is growing! Will you be a part of the action? Register your event at today! You can also contact us or your local agent to learn more about upcoming PB & Jam events and other opportunities to get involved in your community. 

Article by Katlyn Gerken and Michael Cesario.

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